Indulgence in the world of Belgian Chocolate

Welcome to Lebohneur, a haven of pure delight for all chocolate enthusiasts in the heart of Saudi Arabia. Our story begins with a passion for creating exquisite Belgian chocolates that transport you to the enchanting world of cocoa.

Lebohneur has emerged as a prominent name in the realm of gourmet chocolates, offering an unparalleled experience of taste, artistry, and sophistication.

  • Our Heritage

    Our journey takes inspiration from the renowned Belgian chocolate-making tradition, known for its artistry, quality, and the sheer pleasure it imparts to connoisseurs worldwide. Lebohneur is founded on the principles of crafting chocolates that honor this legacy while infusing a touch of modern innovation

  • The Art of Chocolate Making

    At Lebohneur, we consider chocolate-making an art form. Our team of skilled chocolatiers, with years of expertise, handcraft each chocolate piece with precision and passion. We source the finest cocoa beans from across the globe, ensuring that every bite delivers an explosion of flavors and textures that can only be described as sublime